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Childbirth Class Refresher Gift Card

Childbirth Class Refresher Gift Card

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The Childbirth Refresher Class is a three- hour class, during which you’ll have the opportunity to “get your head in the game” for your upcoming birth and breastfeeding journey. We will discuss pregnancy comfort measures that experienced moms need desperately.  You will learn quick relaxation techniques that fit easily into everyday life, and simple techniques to ensure that baby is in a good position for birth (and that may help your aching back).

We will discuss ways to manage the intensity of labor and birth, emphasizing simple, intuitive comfort measures and relaxation. We’ll talk about when to go to the hospital, the stages of labor and birth, waterbirth, and VBAC (if applicable). Its also important to think about the postpartum period, when care of mom and baby makes a “fourth trimester” plan crucial to a family’s adjustment. Parents will have the opportunity to talk about past birth and breastfeeding experiences, and to discuss resources and strategies for the future.




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