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Douglas Fir Douglas Fir (OIL-0056)

Sourced from young trees in New Zealand, premium Douglas Fir oil can help promote feelings of clear airways during aromatic use, and cleanse the skin when used topically.

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Oregano Roll on Blend Oregano Roll on Blend (OIL-0099)

Striking the proper balance between protecting sensitive skin while still delivering the benefits found in essential oils is not just a matter of science, but also of art. These pre-diluted roll-ons achieved that balance in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil in a 9 mL roll-on bottle. It is ideal for children and adults. They're ready to use so that you can start benefiting from essential oils immediately. 

Original Price: $21.00 Discount 15% 

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Prenatal Multivitamin Prenatal Multivitamin (VIT-0001)

Rainbow Light Organics Prenatal Multivitamin, is a pure, nutrient-rich formula made with organic fruits and vegetables that supports the health of both mother and child.

Original Price $23.00  Discount 10%

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