Floradix Iron and Herbs (liquid) Floradix Iron and Herbs (liquid)

Iron-deficiency anemia is extremely common in pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, the amount of blood in your body increases until you have almost twice as much as normal. This causes your body to require more iron to make more hemoglobin for all that extra blood. Your growing baby and placenta also require more iron which is essential for the delivery of oxygen to the baby.  Iron can also help prevent premature delivery.

Blood volume starts to double in the first trimester and increases to 50% at the end of pregnancy. Iron and protein are required to help make new red blood cells. Iron keeps your immune system healthy and helps your body produce energy. It will also help carry oxygen throughout your entire body. Eating vitamin C rich foods helps increase iron's absorption. A drop in iron levels during the 3rd trimester is common, and checking iron levels in the 1st trimester, as well as taking Floradix if needed throughout the 1st and 2nd trimester will help maintain normal iron levels throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. Iron concentrations in the umbilical artery are critical during the development of the fetus, and in relation with the IQ in the child. Infantile anemia with its associated iron deficiency is linked to slower cognitive development.

Reclaim Your Energy with Flora Iron

If you’re tired all the time, you could be low in iron. Unfortunately, iron supplements are notoriously hard to absorb. Plus, they frequently cause constipation and irritation of the digestive tract. Flora Iron liquid formula is different.

This innovative formula features liquid ferrous gluconate — a form of iron clinically proven to quickly and significantly raise iron levels. In fact, in a head-to-head test of four kinds of iron, liquid ferrous gluconate was the best absorbed and tolerated. It caused a 24% boost in levels of ferritin (stored iron) in just one month, with no digestive side effects.

With Flora Iron Liquid Formula, you’ll be soaring in no time.

  • Features 9 mg of liquid ferrous gluconate per serving, clinically proven to be a well-absorbed and well-tolerated form of liquid iron
  • Helps prevent iron deficiency anemia and associated tiredness and fatigue, while supporting the formation of red blood cells*
  • Includes a range of B-Complex vitamins that participate in energy production*
  • Delivered in a tasty liquid base of fruit juices and whole foods
  • Free of gluten, yeast, dairy, lactose, alcohol, and artificial colors and flavors
  • Kosher + Non-constipating + Vegan

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