Natural Calm Magnesium Powder Raspberry-Lemon Natural Calm Magnesium Powder Raspberry-Lemon

The Midwives of New Jersey recommend Magnesium supplements like Natural Calm for many discomforts of pregnancy like Insomnia, leg cramps, constipation, headaches, excessive fatigue and even anxiety.  Magnesium could help reduce the likelihood of a woman developing Gestational Diabetes and High blood pressure along with other lifestyle and dietary improvements

Because magnesium is a vital, multi-purposed mineral involved in an estimated 700+ emzymatic reactions in the body, Natural Calm is used for a variety of reasons including stress relief, bone health support, heart health support and support of energy storage and transportation systems. The main purpose of this product is to restore deficient magnesium levels in those experiencing symptoms of deficiency (thus alleviating or lessening these symptoms), and to maintain healthy magnesium levels.

Natural Calm is the solution to both restoring a healthy magnesium level and balancing your calcium intake. This product the best-selling magnesium supplement on the market for over nine years in a row according to health food supermarket scanner reports. It features a proprietary formula that provides a highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium in ionic form (having molecular charge that allows the element to easily bond with water), so it is ready to go to work right away.

Directions for Use: Place powder in a glass or mug; add 2–3 oz of hot water. Let it fizz, then stir until dissolved. Fill with warm or cold water and enjoy. You can also simply add Natural Calm to a glass or bottle of cold water.